Increasing energy efficiency in terms of energy savings in lighting leads primarily to savings in energy and money, and then to improve the reliability and performance of the lighting systems.

Reducing unnecessary losses reduces the need for the production of energy and therefore reduces the emission of CO2 and other harmful substances into the atmosphere.

Reducing CO2 emissions is an obligation and protocol on climate change signed in Kyoto in 1997. after which the EU countries should in the period from 2008 to 2012 to reduce the emission of pollutants by at least 8% compared to the level of 1990 year.

From that point of view, LED lighting is becoming more interesting for applications in various fields.


  • Products with LED light sources have an extremely long service life (over 50,000 hours, and a new generation reaches the figure of 100,000, after which the luminous flux does not fall by more than 30%) as opposed to products with mercury and sodium light sources whose lifetime is estimated 8,000, and 16,000 hours respectively.
  • Thanks to the warranty period of three, five, seven or even ten years that manufacturers of LED luminaires offer, the opportunity to work practically without any maintenance.
  • Most products with LED light sources demonstrates exceptional performance characteristics at low temperatures.
  • Products with LED light sources generally have the option of dimming and remote control and are extremely suitable for use in so-called “smart cities” which is one of the goals of modern cities, and that leads to additional savings.
  • LED lamps are highly suitable for intensive use, does not radiate heat in the direction of light emission, there is no danger of infrared or ultraviolet radiation.
Adamović Global nudi 9 različitih grupa proizvoda sa preko 100 različitih tipova svetiljki pogodnih kako za unutrašnje, tako i za spoljašnje osvetljenje.
Posebno je važno napomenuti i to da su praktično svi proizvodi usklađeni sa potrebama i zahtevima kupca te da ih je moguće isporučiti u nestandardnim oblicima kućišta.


LED lamps for street lighting
LED lamps for street lightingProducts in this group are designed for public lighting (lighting of streets and roads, bicycle and pedestrian paths, etc.).
LED floodlights
LED floodlightsProducts in this group are designed primarily for outdoor lighting (lighting of buildings and access to facilities, lighting small sports fields) but can also be used for interior lighting (sports halls, production halls, rooms for celebrations, etc.).
LED bells for halls
LED bells for hallsProducts in this group are designed for indoor lighting of production, business and sports halls in which is always placed on the ceiling or the appropriate carrier and illuminate the lower part of the hall (floor).
Decorative LED luminaires for walls
Decorative LED luminaires for wallsProducts in this group are intended for decorative lighting of cultural and historical monuments, objects of special interest, city squares and the like.
LED panels
LED panelsProducts in this group are designed for lighting office spaces, auditoriums, art galleries and similar facilities with refined design space.
LED tubes
LED tubesProducts in this group are designed for indoor lighting (utility rooms - kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, smaller office space, classrooms, etc.).
LED lamps for indoor and outdoor lighting
LED lamps for indoor and outdoor lightingProducts in this group are designed for indoor and outdoor lighting in homes and small commercial buildings (shops, concierge).
LED lamps for candelabras
LED lamps for candelabrasProducts in this group are intended for decorative lighting of park areas, city squares, pedestrian zones and the like.
Specially designed LED lamps
Specially designed LED lampsAccording to the specific requirements of the customer it is possible to create lamps with special forms of housing, for example, for service stations.