Adamović Global

Many years of experience in production, the realization that the only operation and development based on the adoption of new scientific knowledge, and in cooperation with scientific institutions of their application, have resulted in the establishment of our company in mid-2012.

We have equipped a series of office buildings, streets, parks, walking trails, gas stations, religious objects, restaurants, gardens, special purpose facilities such as correctional home, military facilities and the like.

On your call we arrive at the address, record the current situation, suggest solutions, designing, forming lamps and other lighting equipment in LED technology, deliver, install, set the remote control on demand, we produce built in design project, analyzes, studies and more. After already made projects form a lighting equipment.

Agreement on scientific – reserch and business – technical cooperation with the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad in late 2015 and the Contract on general representation for Serbia to BRIGHTLED Lighting Tech Limited have enabled us to offer the market a range of products, from which we are only part of introduced this way.

Complete range of products is delivered electronically to engineering companies and our distributors.

The warranty for all our products is of 3 yr. 5 yr. 7 yr., even 10 years, depending on the type of product and the level of installed equipment.