Depending on what effect you want to achieve in light of cultural and historical monuments, museums, buildings of the competent services, swimming pool, garden, or the like, it is possible and desirable to use the products from this group. Light can be directly focused on a subject or an object that wants to be emphasized and illuminated (direct lighting) and thus creates a so-called “game of shadows,” which significantly contributes to the overall impression. In addition, it is possible to set the light source so that the light is reflected from the above-mentioned areas (indirect lighting). All products in this group have the ability to change the color (R / G / B / W) and management via a computer (DMX). Depending on specific customer requirements, it is possible to carry out the majority of products with different values of brightness angle (8 degrees, which is the maximum focus, up to 60 degrees). All products are sealed which secures long life and stable light source.

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